Legend of The Last Danann Series

Becoming: Book 1

Skylar Rolf never had it easy. She lost both of her parents in a car accident, her grandparents want nothing to do with her, and the foster system has not been kind. Now a senior in a prestigious high school, she’s doing her best to stay in school, get into college, and navigate her first romantic relationship with the girl of her dreams.

Skylar finds herself in the middle of a world she thought did not exist and is learning about a past that will greatly impact her future in ways she never thought possible.

High school is hard enough without having to deal with faeries, Yaksha, spirit guides, and unpredictable powers. The fight for her life and a world of magic hangs in the balance as Skylar starts the journey of becoming her true self.

Acceptance: Book 2

All Skylar wants is to be a normal teenager worried about homework, college, and where to take her girlfriend on dates. Unfortunately, her sleeping hours are plagued by realistic nightmares that are threatening her waking life.

She’s constantly on edge and her friends are beginning to notice that she’s losing touch with reality. It’s getting harder and harder for Skylar to maintain the secret of her gifts as the magical world begins to close in on her.

Will her friends be able to accept her gifts? Or will magical forces end her life before she gets the opportunity to find out?